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Outside Poultry Houses Preview

Darkling Beetle Control Outside Poultry Houses

This guide intoduces Taurus® SC, a great product for tackling the exterior perimeter of poultry houses to prevent adult beetle reinfestation.

Best/Worst Practices for Darkling Beetle Control

Best/Worst Practices for Darkling Beetle Control

Here are some best/worst practices to help you keep darkling beetles under control. This bulletin includes guidance for insecticide application, litter management and what NOT to do when managing an infestation.

Application Methods Preview

Application Methods

This guide covers treating for severe infestations of darkling beetles for whole house applications and band applications.

Darkling Beetle Damage Preview

Darkling Beetle Damage Doesn't Have to Happen to You

The impact of darkling beetle damage can be direct as well as indirect. CSI covers recommendations to keep impacts on your broiler production to a minimum.

Pyrofos 42 Technical Bulletin

Diseases from Darkling Beetles: Make Sure You're Not At Risk

Read through this guide to find solutions to add to your rotational program to keep darkling beetle diseases at bay.

Permethrin CS Technical Bulletin

Keep Your Broilers Free from Darkling Beetles

Producers can reduce darkling beetle numbers and lesson pest impact on their business by adding these products to their rotational scheme.

Permethrin SFR Technical Bulletin

Battling Poultry Pests: Insecticide Rotation is Critical

CSI offers ways to minimize insecticide resistance by implementing the following plan to your rotational program.