SynerPro® PBO

Insecticide Synergist

SynerPro PBO

Key Use Instructions:

  • SynerPro PBO contains the insecticide synergist piperonyl butoxide. It aids in inhibiting metabolic resistance in insects.
  • Tank mix SynerPro PBO with insecticides to improve control.
  • This table lists CSI insecticides registered for use in poultry houses and how much SynerPro PBO to use with them (if desired) at insecticide:PBO ratios of 1:2, 1:5 and 1:10. Do not exceed 8 fl. oz. of SynerPro PBO per 1,000 square feet of treated area (160 fl. oz. in a 20,000 square foot house).
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  • Always follow rates and restrictions on the label of insecticide mixed with SynerPro PBO.
  • See the SynerPro PBO label for more mixing information.

Effective Against:

When tank mixed with an insecticide, SynerPro will improve control of listed insects on the insecticide product’s label.

Active Ingredients:

  • 91.3% Piperonyl Butoxide

Product Overview:

SynerPro PBO increases the rate of eliminating pests and aids in getting the ultimate control from pyrethroids, and most other insecticides. SynerPro PBO interferes with the detoxication of insecticides by insects, a resistance management process directly related to an enzyme-inhibiting action. SynerPro PBO therefore restores the vulnerability of insects to the chemical, which would other-wise require higher levels of a toxicant for their control. On its own, SynerPro PBO has no insecticidal effect.