Bifen XTS


Bifen XTS

Key Use Instructions:

  • Bifen XTS can be used to control insect pests outside of poultry houses.
  • Apply Bifen XTS as a general surface spray to outdoor surfaces including: soil or vegetation around structures; building foundations (up to a maximum height of 3 feet above grade); outdoor siding, overhangs and eaves, soffits, doors or windows permanently protected from rain by a covering overhang, awning or other structure; around potential pest entry points.
  • Perimeter Treatment: Apply to a 10 foot wide band of soil and vegetation around and next to the structure, and treat the foundation of the structure to a height of 2 to 3 feet. Use a spray volume of 2 to 10 gallons of diluted Bifen XTS on per 1,000 square feet. If foliage is thick or there is mulch or leaf litter nearby, higher volumes of water may be necessary.
  • Bifen XTS may be tank-mixed with insect growth regulators like Tekko®10 and other products.
  • Bifen XTS is not for use in poultry houses. Use Bifen I/T for insect control in poultry houses.

Effective Against:

Bifen XTS is a broad spectrum insecticide that controls a wide array of pests on outside surfaces and around buildings, in lawns and on ornamental plants , including: Ants (Carpenter Ants, and Fire Ants) Armyworms, Bees, Centipedes, Chiggers, Chinch Bugs, Clover Mites, Crickets, Cutworms, Dichondra Flea Beetles, Earwigs, European Crane Flies, Grasshoppers, Hornets, Millipedes, Mosquitoes, Moths, Roaches (Cockroaches), Scorpions, Sod Webworms, Sowbugs (Pillbugs), Spiders (Black Widow Spiders), Springtails, Ticks (Brown Dog Ticks), Wasps

Active Ingredients:

  • 25.1% Bifenthrin

Product Overview:

Bifen XTS is an oil based insecticide that contains 25.1% bifenthrin and provides water-resistant, long lasting residual control. Broad label Bifen XTS is an excellent choice when looking for a high performance, cost effective Bifenthrin product for outdoor perimeter pest control, turf and ornamentals, or pre- and post-construction termite treatment.