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When it comes to protecting your poultry operation, you need a partner with the highest quality solutions available. Here at CSI-Poultry, we have made it our mission for the last 20+ years, to manufacture insect control products using innovative formulations while producing those with the utmost integrity.

We know that insect control plays a critical role in protecting not only the worlds food supply but also profitability of our partners. We target pests specific to Poultry, like the darkling beetle, flies and other insects you may encounter. Together we can help you tailor a specific insect control plan which will give you results that are not only measurable, but attainable.

Technical Resources

At CSI-Poultry, we believe that knowledge and training are the most powerful tools we deliver. We want our partners to have these resources at their fingertips, so we created this easy-to-navigate portal and packed it with proven scientific data and practical applications that will help you along the way in making the right decision for your specific operation.

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Let your CSI-Poultry team members answer any questions or concerns that you have. The team has extensive live production experience and scientific knowledge of insects and their habits that is unsurpassed in the industry.


Product Labels and Safety Data Sheets are provided to help assist in the correct application of these key products according to EPA guidelines, in addition to assuring the safety of our customers during use.

Neonicotinoids are a class of insecticides chemically related to nicotine, which was used as an organic insecticide as early as the 1690’s. Introduced in 1994, neonicotinoids are used widely in crop protection, structural pest control and animal health. The most well know neonicotinoid, imidacloprid, was registered for darkling beetle control in 2008.

Organophosphates (OP’s) were one of the earliest classes of synthetic insecticides, first introduced in the 1950’s. Increased regulation in the last 25 years has reduced their availability and limited their uses. The three OP’s still available for use in poultry operations are indispensable options for insecticide rotation and resistance management.

Pyrethroids are an effective, economical class of insecticides chemically related to natural pyrethrins. No other class includes as many different compounds and formulations. Pyrethroids are used for crop protection, general pest control and mosquito abatement, and have been a mainstay for insect control in poultry production since the 1990’s.

Insect growth regulators (IGR’s) are pesticides that target life processes unique to insects, disrupting their development and metamorphosis (= change in form). When insect eggs hatch, when larvae molt or when pupae try to transform into adult insects, IGR’s will prevent these changes, killing the insect and breaking the life cycle.